5 juin 2015 Cédric de Solenvie

Les sols à la « pré-COP21 »

Si vous voulez plus de détails, France Culture fait une journée spéciale aujourd’hui, avec notamment les discours d’ouverture et de clôture à 20h30, ou encore dans Le Monde où la délégation « sols » est à l’honneur : http://lemonde.fr/scenes/article/2015/06/01/moi-je-suis-fabius-lui-c-est-segolene_4644721_1654999.html

Article 7 :
All Parties shall recognize soil as a nonrenewable resource that must also be sustainably managed, protected and restored with the active consultation of indigenous people. Soil is the third largest carbon reservoir on the planet and carbon content in the soil should be increased by 2050.

Article 9 :
By 2050, in order to ensure decent living conditions in cities and reduce poverty, to limit GHG emissions as well as an improvement of soil, water and air quality:
a. Urban development should be rationalized, urban planning developed and urban sprawl controlled

Pathway to Article 7 :

1. The funds for sustainable management of forests and soils shall be provided by a fund similar to the Copenhagen Green Climate Fund as described in Article  3.2 bis.

2. Promoting agroecology and other sustainable farming techniques on all the agricultural and forest area to store carbon in the soil, avoid fuel consumption, NO2 emissions, and systematic pesticide use.
a. All parties commit to an increase in carbon content of their managed soils by at least 0.12% by 2050, compared to 2015 levels. This should be achieved through appropriate forest management and agronomic practices, such as vegetal cover, reduced tillage, reducing unnecessary trimming, sustainable grassland
(i.e., keep as grassland as long as possible) , spreading manure or other organic materials, adapted to local and national conditions.