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Webinaires sur l’expérience française de labellisation carbone

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As part of the EIT Climate KIC Soil Carbon Farming project*, INRAE and its partners have launched the SCARF (Soil CARbon Farming) network and organize two webinars open to all public on June 2 during the European Commission’s Green Week to share the French experience of carbon labelling.


  • The morning of June 2 will be devoted to MRV issues, in particular methodologies for certifying soil carbon.
  • The afternoon will be devoted to the economic models associated with certification.

Please find below the details of these two webinars and the links to register. Feel free to disseminate to your networks.


Webinar on June 2 from 9:00 to 11:00 (CET)


First webinar – Carbon labelling : lessons learned from the French label (Label Bas Carbone)


Created by the Ministry of Ecological Transition (MTE) with the collaboration of the Institute for Climate Economics (I4CE) and many partners, the Label Bas Carbone (Low Carbon Label) aims to contribute to the achievement of France’s climate objectives. The Label Bas Carbone provides an innovative and transparent framework for funding local projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It thus makes it possible to support the ecological transition at the territorial level, by rewarding behaviours that goes beyond usual practices.


Within this framework, funders can commit on a voluntary basis and they want to ensure the quality and environmental integrity of projects. The Low Carbon Label offers them these guarantees and thus makes it possible to direct financing towards projects that are virtuous for the climate and the environment.

In this webinar, we will present the lessons learned from the Low Carbon Label, focusing on carbon labelling, monitoring, reporting and verification !


Interventions :

Introduction 1: Objectives of the workshop (INRAE) – 5 minutes

Introduction 2: Context of European climate policies (I4CE) – 5 minutes

  1. The French Label : Label Bas Carbone (Ministry of Ecological Transition – Julien Viau) – 15 minutes
  2. Key messages and recommendations for carbon credit implementation (I4CE)– 15 minutes
  3. Recommendations for estimating and certifying the change in soil organic carbon stock (INRAE – Gécica Yogo) – 15 minutes

First Q&A session – 20 minutes

Five minutes break – 5 minutes

  1. The field crops method (Arvalis- Hélène Lagrange) – 10 minutes
  2. The NIVA project and how to link NIVA with the models and tools recommended in the Label Bas Carbone (INRAE-CESBIO-Eric Ceschia) – 10 minutes

Second Q&A session – 15 minutes

Conclusion : INRAE and I4CE – 5 minutes


Register for the webinar here :